Thursday, May 29, 2008

took care of it

don't wait for someone else to take care of it for you.

on the other hand,
i am crazy. i cannot sleep. no, i just don't try hard enough.

i gotta start downing sleeping pills soon.


yap ah loi said...

ismail? owh ingat ingat mestila ingat
tuh la baru je tengok short dia The Box kat youtube
cantek gila. it's better than the local film's here
i also wanna go to europe to study filmmaking tapi taktau bila
tunggu grad dulu kot
jeles jelesssssssssssssssssss

DragoĊŸ said...

Sleeping pills!? That bad? Geez, sorry to hear that... Maybe chilling for a while will take that edge off... But no sleeping pills! (gives Nini a big hug to calm her down)

kiyaa said...

yap> ahha takyah jeles, i balik msia last witner and visit balik, gile bes msia skarang. dah byk art events.

dragos> i think it's slightly getting better, i dont know. i took a couple the past week but it doesnt help me that much. U_U
big hug to you tooooo we all need emotional support t hrough these tough exam times, huhuhu