Monday, May 5, 2008

don't let alcohol spill in your words

i realise that i have low tolerance to drunk people, and even less for drunken people who talk.
i made my mind up on that after witnessing many unsightful drunkards in vama this week. i don't see the point for these people having fun and completely forgetting everything the next day @_@

advice to self and everyone else: if you get drunk, don't talk.

oh i had loads and loads of fun drawing the small lil censorship pixelated boxes. that i don't mind so much even if it didn't turn out easily recognisable. =D


TheBlogMaster said...

Are you drink?

Emerson said...

the pixelated stuff definitely shows that you had a lot of fun drawing them. hehe.

Muhamad Zainul Arifin said...

dont drink n drive :P

kiyaa said...

blogmaster> if you meant to ask me if i'm drunk, no. i'm not.

emkun> ehhhe oh yea. in the end i came to wonder if i should've made them slightly bigger though.

zaxx> nope dont do that. @_@ unless you're the kind of person that alcohol just evaporates off of you. XD