Thursday, May 1, 2008

may first.

happy labor's day! ironically i'm posting a work on this off-day. then again i don't actually hold the right to celebrate since i'm not techniccally in the labour community. gotta do something about that.
anyhows, i just thought of posting some scenes of a storyboard i've been helping ismail out with.

yesterday was a weird day though, i keep bumping into people i knew on the streets. now, bucharest is a pretty small town and people tend to go to the same places, but still. maybe i'm getting that weird feeling again of bumping into people because i haven't been out of the house that much in daylight.


Muhamad Zainul Arifin said...

isk! love all your work down there!!

kiyaa said...

thanks man! thanks for taking a look, too. =)