Sunday, May 25, 2008


i forget the most important things and remember the most useless things.
it used to be funny.
not anymore.


Anonymous said...

i gotta say this is one of the most accurate illustrations of yourself Ive ever seen you do.

yap ah loi said...

tuan nini apa habaqqqq???
lama tak sembang sembang
artwork awak makin lama makin lawa, i think there's no need to say more
haih so jeles ur in europe
nak pegi europe one day before kahwin
dah tak larat duduk kat malaysia

DeLiRiuM said... YOU are Fadh's sis. She has told me in the past that you're pretty artistic, and I must say that your artwork is pretty damn good. Keep it up!

kiyaa said...

prav> ahha! =) i suppose i'm getting more narcissistic lately.

yap ah loi> tak kenal pon?

delirium> ahha thanks so much for the support! but i'm not all that artsy-fartsy and she probably tends to describe me to be, i don't have dreadlocks or wristcuts or anything like that. =)