Thursday, May 15, 2008

everything's gonna be okay if you close it

actual title that popped into my head: Shimetara daijoubu.
i just have been indulging in japanese movies and comics these days that i speak japanese to myself. yes, you don't have to tell me how lame that is. i can't help it so let me be!

oh and i seem to have problems finishing an artwork. but i don't want to not draw something that pops in my head just because i'm not done with one, i don't want to lose the feel that i got at that time. is that childish of me?


DragoĊŸ said...

Definitely pixels-oriented these days :))

kiyaa said...

ahhah! i just realised that your blog's name is pixel-oriented too! we were meant to be in a band together!!! ^____^ ahhhah