Thursday, May 29, 2008

assignment paintings

alina from studio (portrait of a studio colleague assignment)

alien communication (urban landscape assignment)

works still in progress. towards completion it always gets harder and harder, and i take longer and longer. i tend to skip from one painting to another and back to the older one all the time, to get that fresher eye and also from the fact that i get easily get sick after sometime. @_@

oh that's me in the mirror with my typical work painting clothes.


yap ah loi said...

haha sama la tue ciss (sambungan comment from the previous post)
the alien painting is so cantek
haih jeles jeles jeles
eh do they have a film school in romania?

kiyaa said...

ahha thankyou! ade progress dah from the one i posted, i'll post it up when i'm fully done. ^__^

oh yes they have a film school here. ingat tak ismail jamaludin? he was with us shortly in alpha year. he was the one yang datang romania dulu to study film here. and then he dragged me over here. =)