Monday, March 31, 2008

no war just alcohol

THIS TOOK SO FUCKING LONG eventhough the end result looks like it's awfully simple. i couldnt decide on the last element. i'll later post the other variations i had, which took most of the day. bwah!

title change: no war just alcohol. the first time the idea hit the mind it always was ''alcohol'' instead of ''drink'' but i thought i'd censor it just a bit. but well, screw the underage kids.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

WIP: no war just drinks

no war just music

oh god i took so long to get this complete, and the end result is totally different than when i was halfway through. but i'm glad i didnt give up, i quite like this one especially the composition.

i gotta learn how to apply textures. @_@

Saturday, March 29, 2008

no war just dance

working on a series now, there was another one before this ''no war just music'' but i'm really dissatisfied with it. might do it from scratch again.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

involuntary attention

i couldnt quite work on it anymore although there's so much more i would like to touch up on. bwagh.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

cat sequence wip

a wayyyyy too long overdue gift for hazleen, one of the fewwwest malaysian friends in bucharest. cat sequence!

Sunday, March 23, 2008



it seems like lighters experiences some sort of self combustion and disappears after exploding into smithereens whenever i have hold of them. i'm lighting my cigarettes with the stove now, and even the kitchen stove lighter is dying on me.

Friday, March 21, 2008

i'm going to be there for the art demonstration, check it out. personally i think it's gonna be a cool event, it seems that there are going to be lotsa things going on.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


so i havent got pictures from Ioana yet so photos from the trip will have to come later.

i saw this old type machine somewhere on the way between bremerhaven and frankfurt in a restaurant. oh such a pretty thing.

doodled this in the car moving from vienna to bucharest. this is the lovely chiara who let us ''couch-surf'' and stay at her apartment for the night, whose apartment is filled of posters of the prettiest guys. the boy in the bubble may or may not exist, and any resemblance is purely coincidental. U_U

bearthe (not sure how her name is spelled) who let us stay at her place in kempten, her house overlooking this huge green area that's only dotted by some cute farmhouses/horse stables.

this is from yesterday during art history class, from something what my brother and i talked about.

and oh i managed to get one of me in here. @w@

and another.

Friday, March 14, 2008

riding on germany

as you can see my seemingly non stoppable updates are brought to a screeching halt. well that's because i'm having the time of my life cruising around germany.
not without bumpy rocks along the way though, we got stuck in a ghost port town for a night, had a drink in a bar below the dodgy hotel (yet pretty classy in it's 1970's bracket) which were full of classic truckers. at one point i couldve sworn i heard people speaking in some sort of texan accent.
and last night we got stuck in the attic room of a hotel, which size matches the size of my small little apartment kitchen. brian and ioana were convinced that the hotel dude was on crystal or some sort while servicing us, because his logic went totally inversed, and he was hopping around like a hyper lil easter bunny. he, at first, thought that we only needed a room for one person, and he fixed us a single room. after observing the fact that all three of us pulled out luggage of 3 person's worth, he went frantic and went to fix us something different. an even SMALLER room.
and i used to think that inversed logic only happened in romania (no offense, but it is kinda funny if it's to a laughable extent). apparently this epidemic is universal. merhaps paybe, my own is inversed and other people's arent. oh no, vicious cycle. kiyaa, don't go there.

berlin on the other hand, had been a surprisingly innocent trip. here i was thinking i would be making friends with mohawked punks and SnM queens, but four of us (Ioana, Brian, Beatrice and I) managed to be good lil kids and stayed in for all nights after long day of actually visiting places. the ''baddest'' place Ioana and i got to hang out at was Studio 54, which was a building of 4 or 5 floors converted into some sort of urban artsy angst manifestation. the cute bartender we got to get a drink with was telling us the dirty lil secrets behind the scenes of this seemingly ''open-fresh-noncapitalistic'' art space, while also managing to mention like 6874 drug names in the half hour chat. studio 54 was a drug house, no doubt about it.

in frankfurt, however, i could not make much comment, because we ended up in some minimal house music and i had to replace my soberity with drunknessity to be able to jiggy-with-it.

updates with pictures later, cheers!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

tracey fragments

i coughed this out after watching the movie ''the tracey fragments''. ellen page is my favourite actress at the moment, along side with rosaria dawson.

she doesnt look much like ellen page at all, i didn't refer to any photo while sketching this out. =/


and after that i accidentally made juno. another one that doesnt look like her, just from memory from several weeks ago when i watched it at the cinema.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

art history-revisiting sketchbook

so i had art history lecture today. which means lots of doodling.

oh i still don't know how to work with this blogspot thing so that the images arent cut off on the side, so you gotta click on the image(thumbnail, although pretty large ones) to see the whole thing. if you care. =)

that's andra, a really pretty friend of mine who has the most marvellous dreadlocks and the coolest vintage hippy clothing around. i could spot her from a mile away. anyone could.

so the slide projector was showing the sculpture of a man on a horse... why cant fishes ride horses too?

i suddenly thought of sadako while the normal looking professor was going on and on...

and the whole time my stomache was terrorizing the class. happens everytime.

this drawing is the cause of signe, claudiu and i skipping the 2nd hour of anatomy class yesterday. we didn't get the cake though, nor the glass of Wembley's and the mad DJ has gotta wait till the weekend. alas, the japanese tea house was great.

while these 2 are sketches when i was sitting in that irish pub in budapest several weeks back, while brian was busy on the wi-fi tracking down parties happening that night for us to hit.


dog walk

i'm supposed to be working on a hand portrait for school, but i find myself crawling back to my sofa bed to have a smoke and before i know it i'm scribbling something on photoshop.

the song D.A.N.C.E from Justice doesnt have anything to do with the work but it fits somehow with the work. been listening a lot to JUNO soundtrack as well. i've just been listening to lots of new things these days.

and here's my miserable hand portrait assignment. we're actually supposed to do a normal basic study of our own hand, but i felt like taking it to another level. :P


wip: i felt like doing something sexy. my first work with some extent of nudity, the female boob is rather confusing to draw at first. i guess i just have to remember how mine look. lol.

tekkon kinkreet is super awesome. apparently a japanese american directed it or something. but it was, awesome. small things like car doors opening, was superbly painted. damn, that patience and that... i'm just thinking, how could the artists have the same passion from the start to end, because i personally think that if i worked on something so much for so long, i can never retain the same quality. it would either be getting better, or worse, or in a completely different manner, somehow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

first post

i'm posting up works here, and perhaps some snippets of what i've been up to.

these days i feel too swamped by too many things and i need a new start on things. i usually update works on DA, but i never upload any sketches or seemingly 'unfinished' works because i tend to have a higher benchmark of what i should upload over there.

since this is the first post, i'll put up the last work i've done before creating this blog.