Friday, March 14, 2008

riding on germany

as you can see my seemingly non stoppable updates are brought to a screeching halt. well that's because i'm having the time of my life cruising around germany.
not without bumpy rocks along the way though, we got stuck in a ghost port town for a night, had a drink in a bar below the dodgy hotel (yet pretty classy in it's 1970's bracket) which were full of classic truckers. at one point i couldve sworn i heard people speaking in some sort of texan accent.
and last night we got stuck in the attic room of a hotel, which size matches the size of my small little apartment kitchen. brian and ioana were convinced that the hotel dude was on crystal or some sort while servicing us, because his logic went totally inversed, and he was hopping around like a hyper lil easter bunny. he, at first, thought that we only needed a room for one person, and he fixed us a single room. after observing the fact that all three of us pulled out luggage of 3 person's worth, he went frantic and went to fix us something different. an even SMALLER room.
and i used to think that inversed logic only happened in romania (no offense, but it is kinda funny if it's to a laughable extent). apparently this epidemic is universal. merhaps paybe, my own is inversed and other people's arent. oh no, vicious cycle. kiyaa, don't go there.

berlin on the other hand, had been a surprisingly innocent trip. here i was thinking i would be making friends with mohawked punks and SnM queens, but four of us (Ioana, Brian, Beatrice and I) managed to be good lil kids and stayed in for all nights after long day of actually visiting places. the ''baddest'' place Ioana and i got to hang out at was Studio 54, which was a building of 4 or 5 floors converted into some sort of urban artsy angst manifestation. the cute bartender we got to get a drink with was telling us the dirty lil secrets behind the scenes of this seemingly ''open-fresh-noncapitalistic'' art space, while also managing to mention like 6874 drug names in the half hour chat. studio 54 was a drug house, no doubt about it.

in frankfurt, however, i could not make much comment, because we ended up in some minimal house music and i had to replace my soberity with drunknessity to be able to jiggy-with-it.

updates with pictures later, cheers!


Anonymous said...

gah, your trip sounds awesome. Im so jealous. cant wait for the pics =D

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty fun but i cant wait to see you back here.


kiyaa said...

prav> dont be jealous, you're supposed to be come over to europe one day remember? =)

mr anonymous> i'll be back pretty soon enough, i'm sure. =)