Sunday, March 30, 2008

no war just music

oh god i took so long to get this complete, and the end result is totally different than when i was halfway through. but i'm glad i didnt give up, i quite like this one especially the composition.

i gotta learn how to apply textures. @_@


Emerson said...

this is cool. I love it when you draw them turntables and mixers and uhm, whatever they are. hahaha. but yeah, those are cool @A@

Oh, there's a video on youtube about applying textures.

kiyaa said...

whoa that was really super helpful! i never really thought of tutorials on youtube.. thanks for opening the door to enlightenment XD

oh and yes they are turntables and a mixer. =D i got into it since i've been hanging out with dj people. @_@