Friday, March 21, 2008

i'm going to be there for the art demonstration, check it out. personally i think it's gonna be a cool event, it seems that there are going to be lotsa things going on.



yap ah loi said...

isk isk isk
cantek yaaaaaa

emerson said...

The gun looks really really cool :D Sweet concept. Hope you'll finish this!

kiyaa said...

yapahloi> thankyou! tak leave url ke?

em-kun> it took me a long time to get the gun right and im not sure if its right even now, couldnt find any reference from the perspective. U_U and i'm not a machinegun maniac, so.. yea.
i'll finish it pretty soon, been working on and off because the colors bring me down, this one. cant look at it too long.