Friday, June 19, 2009

play that sexy music

i miss your music, white boy.

photoshop CS3


Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim said...

i love the way u blend ur color. ada skit2 element vintage in ur color. nk jadi ur young padawan boleh? :)

kiyaa said...

haha young padawan? holy shite for that i'd actually have to be a master that guides you the ''path to light'', which i'm highly doubtful on whether or not i'm anywhere near that path. i'm prolly so far from the path that i'm on unmapped dark sticky swamps. @_@

but thanks!

modee said...

ooooooo doin it on a dj console... kinky! :)

we miss u nini-chan.

kiyaa said...

modee> aww really? i marah korang ada banyak event while i'm not around to catch them. hu T_T

Cappy said...

I loikes it~ The sentiment is translated pretty well, LOL~ XD

~ Aisyah

p/s: Wow, I hardly ever visit your blog, I should stop by more often!! ^^

pp/s: I think the actual lyric is 'play that funky music', but your version suits the piece better (and I kinda like it a lot more, too~ =D).

kiyaa said...

cappy schmappy> haha yes, i deliberately changed it to sexy, since i trust everyone worth living knows the catch phrase to the original song. yeah i have this whole post modernism thing going on. ahha! and my blog, well, the only difference from DA is that i post even shitty stuff here, and works in progress, and... random rantings no one really needs to be punished to read, actually. ahha ^_^ hugs you!