Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pink rain

photoshop CS3

it's too hot to do anything now.
and my pc is screwing up along with my tablet.
nothing's going too great.


farmifahmi said...

a bit horror
but i liked it

prav said...

wow, the thing at the bottom looks almost like you rendered it in 3d, nice effect the distortion is cool too.

kiyaa said...

fahmi> yeah rambut hantu pompuan asia. ahah.

prav> oh you think? i'm having a problem with my tablet these days, it wont freakin draw a nice straight line when i need to, ended up fucking it up and had to tweak the hell out of it.
... i swear a lot these days. @_@

prav said...

ahha, i just realized its a shopping cart.
Yea, i guess its cos its the way the lines bend and cos of the bg behind it, makes it seem more solid somehow. but yea, the messy lines look kinda cool.