Thursday, June 25, 2009

i have observed something silly:
sometimes a comment on a subject may very well be more profound, more life-changing, more significant than the subject itself.
bravo to writers.

sorry no drawing. got a few WIPs but i think ive been flooding those too much over here lately. let's take a break.


syd said...

Nice sketches..simple..

Vader said...

Introduction: I was searching for an image of "in the mood for love" in google (but I prefer 2046), and I found your devianart, which lead me here.
I like what you write, somehow I feel touched by it. It's interesting to read someone from so far away.
I really liked your drawings, but I couldn't find any of In the Mood for Love... perhaps I am not such a great finder. I whish I had your artistic skill.

Wish you the best! !! (specially with that white boy)

Ps1: I am becoming fan of you, hoping that some day you eventually make a draw about Kar Wai movie
PS2: sorry for my bad english, I'm not used to speak it.

jeff cheng said...

beautiful work kiyaa .... just wanted to let you know i used a pic of yours for a blog entry...i credited your name... hope its cool...if not i will take it down...what do you use by the way? a wacom pen tablet or a cintiq?