Thursday, December 11, 2008

pull it off

oh i forgot this one. damn it the absence of internet fucks up my chronological order of things.


amykamen555 said...

u did a lot of paintings... for personal collections or assignments? damn rajin u! envy u... so expressive ur artwork.. keep it up gurl!

Ciaee [Ching Cia Ee, 鄭家儀] said...

HAY. I like this! *puts own name on it* >:3

I'll have to go fav it on DA now.

ajinda said...

whoa.. nice painting.

bukan yang ni jer. tapi semua yang ada dalam blog ni ^___^

kiyaa said...

amyk> wah thanks for the support amy. you must be one of most setia blog supporter. =D
on my blog, everything you see are personal works, unless i particularly said otherwise. =) ehhe. tak rajin sangat pon, esenmen sekolah tak berapa buat pon. wahha.

ciaee> bwah seriously? i was contemplating a lot on this one on what to add, but i left it around for a few days and came to look at it again and decided it was probably okay just like that. thanks though!

ajinda> sankyuuu ^___^