Sunday, December 28, 2008

holiday post

No works for a while because I'm having the time of my life back home in Malaysia.
Did you know that Malaysia is, like, so cool? I didn't know. It's awesome.

I am absorbing the Malaysian-ness back into me, indulging myself with all that home has got to offer. And home's got to offer A LOT. I basically feel like I'm spoiling myself by just being Malaysian. It's THAT awesome.

Gonna hit East Coast in the first week of January. As in, the seaside. Yes. the sun is up, the sand is warm, the waters alive. <3 Sorry suckers, Malaysia's warm all year round. (Not sure whom I'm addressing but let me gloat for just a bit) Gosh I am starting to talk like my sister.

I'm in the mood to catch up with people and meet new peeps and do things(whatever that means), so if anyone's up to something and is/are somewhere around KL at the moment, drop me a line.

Happy holidays and a Happy New Year!

ps/2009 better be a better year or I'll have a boot up the ass of the responsible figure. And I will, without a doubt, FIND YOU.


Wani Ardy said...

hi nini. or should i call you kiyaa? i'm confused. :p gila banyak blog you, i don't know which one to click, so this is just random. ;) had a myspace already? add me up once you've registered ok? that way i can continue listening to you.

see you around!

rc said...

Saludos..... Dejeme decirle que su blog esta espectacular, tiene muy buenos artículos y son muy entendibles, ah! por cierto le felicito por el blog y continue de esa manera contribuyendo con información útil para los visitantes, voy a continuar navenagdo por su blog y le visitare en otras ocasiones. :):):):):):) La entrada ha resultado muy interesante y entrenida, me he quedado un buen rato leyendola, me despido de usted y hasta la proxima oportunidad.