Thursday, December 11, 2008


to break the dry spell, here's a little sketchy thing.

i have been M.I.A. due to the fact that i was living internet-less for 2 weeks, since i moved to a new, happier place. and by living internet-less i mean it in the pure sense. i wasn't going to friends' houses to use a minute of internet. well except for once, to purely check my email, and even then i didnt even read them. now i feel like a junkie that just broke out of rehab and bathing in goodies all over again. which i keep repeating this phrase to people.

it has been eventful lately, but it is now time to calm down. and back to the drawing board.


amykamen555 said...

digitaly done or manual? looks like a manual old woodcut printwork. chun!

kiyaa said...

its digital. the magic of texturing ^_^