Tuesday, October 28, 2008

when i think of you

photoshop CS

on a side note,
it is quite hard to draw something that shows the emotion of missing someone.
and whoa my works are getting colder and colder.

on another side note,
oh god i never knew that paintball could massacre someone's legs so bad. and and and. i want to play more.


lolina. said...

paintball is mad fun XD

kiyaa said...

XD yeehhh. funny, atifi said the same thing on facebook. paintball seems to be a highly addictive activity. =D

amykamen555 said...

too bad i have not try paintball even once. huhuhu...

love the textures lah... damn nice!

kiyaa said...

amyk> you so totally should, it's a lovely way to blow off some steam, or to imagine your boss is the enemy you're shooting down with high speed balls that will leave him some lovely bruises after. =D