Thursday, October 9, 2008

she found something new

photoshop CS3

a come back work after more than 2 months.
i got my computer fixed yesterday, though i still don't know the fate of my hard disk.

drawing again, feels really overwhelming. i haven't exercised this part of the brain for a while. nor the hand. i hope things will get better from now on.

i have been a complete sloth the past months, waking up and it is the same as yesterday, and the day before. nights wasted on frivolous drinking and partying. but i have been concentrating more on the band. very sad about the fact that we had to replace our guitarist, but to keep going on i need to have goals. aiming for a gig after we have more songs down. my vision of the band has changed since we first started, it was only for the fun of it. but recently i have found a bit more passion in singing and the guitar, so i would like to work more on things.

painting on the other hand has been going very slow, but i'm picking up the pieces.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, dude! :)

hippobutt said...

i like this one. it's simple, but it's something different from you. the expression of the woman is... i dunno. it's strange.

oh! and as always, i love the colors you use and the textures.

i'm glad to have you back too. can't wait to see your next few thoughts on canvas.


kiyaa said...

dragos> mmdaw you checked my blog so fast! thanks man. ^_^

hippoass> dead expression. lol. no pun intended. @w@
yesh i will be working more yossshhhaaaa taking photoshop by the balls now ^_^

Anonymous said...

youre painting! awesomesauce. Though I gotta say this is a departure from the messy-lined textury style you were delving into recently. More of a throwback to old kiyaaness.

More paintings please =D I missed my fix of niniart!

kiyaa said...

prav> ahhah! yeah, i mean, holding the wacom pen again was quite overwhelming for me. like another friend of mine said, looks like the first baby steps again. i guess not drawing at all for 2 months has required me a price to pay ^_^;

more will be coming! ^_^ hugs and love!