Tuesday, July 8, 2008

spacegirl wants to look pretty

she does, and she's a bit lonely up there.

i was just looking through my old unfinished PSD files from up to 2 years ago, and man. i actually left pretty good works (or potentially good works) unfinished. i can picture myself at the time giving up after feeling worthless about not making it out to be how i pictured it to be(although most of the time, i really never DO have an idea how the end look should be. and thinking and deciding on that usually takes about half to 3/4 of the work time i spend on it).

just a discovery of old.. ''treasures'' is too grand a word for it but i can't think of another more humble, realistic word right now.


ismail said...

wow! haha! your last few works have been super awesome! i totally dig it :D especially the rustic-ness of the colors and textures. great job, lady friend. oh, and animal activists piss me off too.

arpveen said...

treasures is exactly what I would call them =D
your newer stuff is refreshingly without the euphemisms and mental layers that you normally draw from, straightforward and awesome.plus the new textures youre using makes it that ,uch more tantalizing to look at

I love the spacegirl character, develop her more. you have a lot of potential there to work with =D

kiyaa said...

mae> ahha! hey i just got finally visited my apartment again and i discovered the lovely notes you guys stuck on the fridge! =D that's a keeper. oh and i'm so giving you back your 20lei, my place isnt a place you pay to stay, it's not freakin hotel man! anyway have a great weekend, muuuuaaaxxxx

arpveen> =D oh yeah well the reason is also the fact that these days i dont seem to be able to come up with euphemisms or any ''deep'' works, the summer heat is boiling my brain. @_@ but i aint letting that stop me from making more works, no! =D muaxxxxxxx

DragoĊŸ said...

Whoa!! This is really awesome, dude! The instant I saw it, "Space Invaders" came into my brain for some odd reason... I like the look of it a lot and yeah, I think there's room for a series in there... Nice work!

kiyaa said...

dragos> oooh space invaders @_@ true true. thanks dude! =D you guys give me lots of motivation ^_^ hugs!

amykamen555 said...

kiyaa! i like this piece.. actually semua skali RAWK!!!!! damn nice!!