Tuesday, July 1, 2008

save the hen

personally speaking, i couldn't care less for saving hens. i do care about eating them though.

i was just looking for references on the net and found a site with one of those animal enthusiasts activists' group. which, on a personal opinion, i feel is so silly it's almost sad. hens aren't even endangered. i don't have beef with people liking animals, but i do get annoyed at all the effort, energy and money on animals instead of people who would really need it.

it seems like i've created a paradox between my work and my description. awesome cool.


fadh said...

am dropping lines wherever I can , cos havent heard from you about this for a while now.

UMI AND I ARE COMING MID AUGUST. Prolly 9-10 Aug, staying for a week or so, depends. We're buying the tickets now, cos we got it relatively cheap. so .. just to give you heads up and please confirm that you havent gotten ur tickets yet and ur not going on any trip right then yeah? cheerios!

ana said...

nini. this is a really gorgeous one!i like it a lot! :) is quite cool

kiyaa said...

ana> man i'm sorry i just saw this comment. thank you so much, means a lot to me. ^_^ hugs!