Friday, June 6, 2008

you said it and you wrote it down

i got tired of finishing up my painting assignments for school, and i just wanted to get back to my beloved tablet again.

i did not have anything in mind to draw, i seem to be in those days where i write feelings down instead of drawing. a shift of outlets, you can say. only for a while though, i know i've never been good at words anyway.

so i caught a glimpse of the reflection in my glass window of my face. and i just doodled after that. definitely nothing creative, it's just a chilling doodle, while taking a break from my canvases to take a fag.

ps/ i think i've hypnotised myself quite much these days with the music i've been playing.


yap ah loi said...

muka awak nampak sangat depress
cheer up tuan nini

kiyaa said...

saya memang selalu cheerful pun depan orang, bila lagi nak depress depress kalau bukan masa sesorang. =)