Tuesday, June 17, 2008

arsonist no like fags

arsonist likes her real fags.

you know, like, ciggies? (oh gosh i'm being lame here)

ps/ this is not an attack to homosexuals in any way. @_@

it is unbelievably annoying that i get this pang for drawing and reading books during exam times. things i want to do arent necessarily unproductive, they just... don't quite help with my papers. U_U


DragoĊŸ said...

Whoaaa, reaaally diggin' this one! You seem to kinda have a thing (drawingly speaking, of course :D) for tall chicks with boots, eh? Oh and lacey stuff (or whatever that's supposed to be on her knees). Nice pop-art-ish background, too :)

kiyaa said...

ehhe i LIKE chicks with tall boots. or tall chicks with boots. whatever, so long as chicks and boots and tall is in there @_@

laces, i can't wear so i draw. XD