Monday, January 14, 2013

Merry belated everything!

A Christmas/New Year/End of the World greeting all wrapped up in one, I mean two illustration cards. Commisioned by ad agency for the Christmas of 2012. It's a pretty cool greeting card, because one says
"Open this on the 21st Dec if the end of the world came", which is this:

 (It's the agency blown up in pieces with the staff blissfully ignorant of the apocalypse.)

 And "Open this on the 21st if the end of the world didn't come" which opens up to this:

 (There should be a speech bubble on the bottom saying that the apocalypse has been cancelled due to budge cuts.)

 Will post pictures of the cards in a bit.
 I'm only taking credit for the illustration, as the marvellous ideas came from Golo and Serban.

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