Friday, December 2, 2011

Toy Soldiers

Wall paint on bricky wall

Oh, it's been a while since I won't be writing ''Photoshop CS5'' under the image.
One of the walls in a club in Bucharest!
I realised that painting on walls is awesome, so please hire me if you're opening up/redesigning your cafe/bar/hostel/hotel/restaurant/brothel/school/parkinglot/etc.


Emerson Tung said...

Your works are still as evocative as always. Good to see that hasn't changed.

kiyaa said...

Awhhh? =) Evocative. Never had that word be used to describe my works! Thanks Em. Means a lot to me coming from someone who's seen my works since way back when!

Emerson Tung said...

Pshyeah. I felt smart using that word. I had to google it to make sure I got the right meaning.