Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Photoshop CS5

I can't help it, whenever I find a song I like I instantly kill it.
But meanwhile, this is what happens.

I'm half expecting one day I'll drop dead from music OD.


I scrolled down looking at the past few months' posts,
And I go, what's happening to me?
Why is everything so different? Like my hand and mind is running around like a headless chicken. I used to be concerned about that ''get your own style'' thing but ditched that thought, at least on a conscious level, a long time ago. Should I start getting concerned over it again?
This blog is starting to look like someone just compiled random drawings from the net in one pile.

1 comment:

Nadz said...

why do you do so much?


and stop worrying about having your own style. you do.