Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sleep, don't fall

Photoshop CS5

Oh yes, perhaps some of you might have noticed I changed my signature. Unfortunately I had no choice. I just got tired of the signature bothering with overall composition at the end of the work.
Minimal 'k.' it is.


Jia Ling said...

Hey dear <3 Its been ages since i've been able to post on any of your stuff X_x; Been super swamped.

I love this piece <3 Love the flow of the blocks and how it works with the composition, I particularly love the neon colours on grey that just makes it pop out without overpowering the figure. <3

Hope to see more <3 I hope you're doing great too. I haven't been able to catch you online much : )

kiyaa said...

Hey you! Thanks for the kind comment. Yeah, I've been generally restless in the sense that I like being out of the house these days. Time difference is such a pain too.
I'm doing relatively okay, usually you might be able to tell my state of mind according to my posts. Heheh. ;)