Friday, February 19, 2010

ohnoes is it already february.


photoshop CS4

poster for.. well KNUKE. they're bringing malaysian bands to the U.K. every year. awesome right? yes awesome.

and another i did some month back for EMP. this was not the final print, though, some changes i did not like was made. haha.

will upload more works soon. i apologise to the observers to this blog who has seen scrap nothing the past months. huhu.


Anonymous said...

found your blog. haha now there's no stopping me stalking you. love the work.

glad to see you finished the KNUKE poster on time. meanwhile, i still haven't sent in my assignment.


kiyaa said...

hahaha but you just sent it in last night didnt cha. congratulations! jom hang out malam ni. ajak semalam tak nak. =(

praveenthekumar said...

neenee, i gots blog. =D