Sunday, November 22, 2009

hair extension

photoshop cs4

holy freakin shit i've got intuos 4. after using intuos2 for 7 years.

intuos 2, you and i have had some really special days together.
but i am afraid it's time to move on.
i am now sexxin with your younger youthful brother, intuos4.
i hope we can still be friends.


Em said...

I JELES ;___; I NAK INTUOS 4 TOO. I still using the same ol 4x5" graphire 4 that i had in mmu =__=

kiyaa said...

waha! but as you can see there is not difference in what i produce. whatever you're comfortable with that's a great tool already. just that my old intuos 2 the cable sudah nak putus, anytime can die wan. ahhaha!

anokayer said...

mana updated baru ni kiyaa...haiyaa..