Sunday, May 3, 2009

hate list

i began listing down the things i hate and i began to hate even more, quality and quantity. and i hate the fact that i know for a fact there are so many people that would be offended and deem me politically incorrect, or just incorrect in a general way. well suck it up because opinions can never be incorrect and i can say this - my opinion is that you're an asshole. i would love to go into detail to what kind of asshole you may be, but everyone of you is so special in their own assholic way that it's really unfair to describe A asshole as B asshole when A asshole might actually be a Z asshole. wait what? vicious cycle of assholes, you guys always get me.
as this post climbs down i'll probably actually update my list. so leave me be and let me hate the things i hate.

what about that? have a nice ******** day!
this city makes me sick.

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