Saturday, February 28, 2009

goodnight tv

photoshop cs

this was a real headache to finish, because there was a power trip in the middle of doing the work, and after losing a lot of work done to it, to get the mood and feel back to finish this was pretty much impossible. but i really liked this previously so i pushed to get something out of this.

on a side note, am feeling a lot better these days. took a 4 day trip to some snowy mountains and got some nice winter boots (too bad it's supposed to be getting warmer soon) as i couldn't take hiking on the snow with my stupid yet nice canvas shoes. also got a traditional film camera, the ones that bring back old nostalgic non digital times of life, and can't wait to see results of pictures taken the analogue way! (not being able to check if you looked like a stoner drunk in a picture that was taken until it's developed, GASP)

it was freaking cold, but the non-bucharest air was worth it.