Wednesday, April 30, 2008

avoidance is key

this is a wee bit different than the usual. i'm in a slightly delicate state these days, so i guess it explains the smoother feel in comparison to the usual works. i'm liking the flat feel these days.

something funky's happening to my photoshop, when i resized it in jpeg form it gets elongated. i tried different things and i'm not sure what it is that's the problem.

seaside, leaving tomorrow for vama veche. who's with me?

Monday, April 21, 2008

kiyaa taking a walk

i've abandoned the line art but i'm glad i still went with it. ahha!
i do have those shoes, socks, bag, dress, scarf. but the headphones, though, i left it at my ex work place a long time ago but i never get around picking it up. U_U although i loved it very muchly. lollipop may be a euphemism for just about anything. ;)

By the way, i went to the ''grandma's backyard'' at la scena yesterday, supposedly an art flea market. the site gave me the impression that they were selling vintage and second hand things for people who are looking for nice treasures among trash for a cheaper price. it wasn't quite like that.
it was a lovely place, but the impression that i got after taking a look around was that it was more of a show rather than a market. there were nice handmade works: clothes, bags, badges, shoes etc, but most of the prices, sorry to say, were not of art market material. i understand that they were viewed more as ''artworks'' than actual utility objects by the creators but for a mass selling like that i would suggest diverting their priorities from a ''solo exhibition''(which weren't quite anyway since it was a gathering of them) to business related to art that would actually be distributed and shared among the public who were interested to bring something nice home.

somehow i'm getting the impression that the artsy people in bucharest, (the ones i've been running into) are rather hardcore elistist, being in the domain because it's the trend. to me, there is a difference between talent, and talent coupled with a tinge of arrogance and elitism. just a small opinion of mine derived from various observations around.
i really hope it changes for the better in the future.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

coffee cake love

i feel like making a new ID for my Deviantart account, so this is the wip. =D
been working more with my paints these days. i seem to have a problem properly finishing each and everyone of them. and gosh i need tor ush for my school assignments. U_U

Friday, April 11, 2008

stuck in car

this came out totally different. i seem to have this pattern of sticking with a 2nd or 3rd try of colors. in a way it's good, i don't give up all that easy. in a way it's bad, i'm losing my ''do it once and be done with it'' at first try. then again i'm still in training. *shrugs*

couldnt sleep after watching ''Shutter'' the thai version. U_U it was extra scary, watching it in the middle of the night without anyone with me.

stuck in car WIP

okay, after hanging out with car freaks i'm interested to illustrate some. expect more vintage looking cars your way. =D

Thursday, April 10, 2008

needing a break for myself

the art demonstration went great, i was surprised the amount of attention i received.. at one point i turned back and saw the room absolute full, and got even more nervous than before. when i was finished, people applauded, and when i stood up my legs were trembling. that was a lot of fun though. =)

i took a week long holiday for myself when a Malaysian friend of mine from Birmingham made a visit over here, so i havent been working on anything at all other than the last pieces i made for Fabrica. i just thought to post the other variations i made. the last image with the tanks were placed in a different composition though, i'm too lazy to remake that. lol.