Thursday, April 10, 2008

needing a break for myself

the art demonstration went great, i was surprised the amount of attention i received.. at one point i turned back and saw the room absolute full, and got even more nervous than before. when i was finished, people applauded, and when i stood up my legs were trembling. that was a lot of fun though. =)

i took a week long holiday for myself when a Malaysian friend of mine from Birmingham made a visit over here, so i havent been working on anything at all other than the last pieces i made for Fabrica. i just thought to post the other variations i made. the last image with the tanks were placed in a different composition though, i'm too lazy to remake that. lol.


nab said...

wadahek. u demonstrate as in u buat org tgk the whole process. wahi rasa klu i terer lukis pon, jadik cikai coz menggigil keseganan. hahaha

kiyaa said...

hahaha tu la memang menggigil jugak. nasib baik i bawak mp3 collection sendiri, boleh angan angan duk kat rumah. =D