Tuesday, November 4, 2008

childish, a little wildish

photoshop CS
this doesn't say anything but boy did i have fun playing around. it's always hard to really make a decision on what looks good. plus it's a nice change from dark things, as some people have commented about the last few works.
oh title from damien rice's song-childish. how is is he so freaking good man. U_U


fandi said...

nice change of tone :D

Anonymous said...

wut happend to u :O Very different, but definately good looking.. the hair, the hoodie, the face, the everything. Especially I like the expression of the girl. The target-thingy on the t-shirt looks a bit too sharp for the otherwise so soft painting. Anyway, gj!


kiyaa said...

fandi> thanks =)
modi> gosh i cant believe you used ''modi'' to leave your name. =D ahha. anyhow, yes, i realised that the target thingie was too sharp for the rest of the picture, but i'm looking into experimenting different families of strokes being incorporated into one work. failed first attempt apparently, it's probably because it's not an important character in the work and it needn't be there. hmmm.

i do get more satisfaction from darker works, but i think it's time to stop wallowing in them too. =)

and, thanks!

amykamen555 said...

i see smiling face here.. =). Once in a while away from dark mood.. i prefer both style! this piece looks nice. Love the way u play with the colors. Good job sis!